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Your Mobile Ear Nurse

Ear Care - essential for overall health

As a Registered Nurse and Ear Nurse, I can help you to to clean your ears in a safe and effective way.

I will be happy to help you as well!

From the 8th of July 2024 I welcome you in Lincoln, most Mondays, in 16 Lyttelton Street!



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Effective Ear Care in your own home or in one of my clinics

Ear care is important for your health. As a Registered Nurse, specialising in Ear Nursing, I can offer you a whole range of services to care for your ears in a safe and effecive way. With more than 20 years of experience in nursing, I am able to identify and deal with potential health problems that could possibly lead to serious condtitions.

My Mobile Ear Clinic has the highest standard of technology to support you with effective Ear Care in your own home or in one of my clinics.

Where we operate

I offer the following services:

  • Removal of ear wax with microsuction (which is now considered to be Best Practice).
  • Removal of foreign bodies of all kinds.
  • Care, therapy, and management of ear infections
  • Support with other ear conditions such as surfers ear, eustachian tube dysfunction, skin diseases etc.

Towns and surrounding area

I offer my services in several towns and surrounding areas including Leeston, Dunsandel, Rakaia, Southbridge, Rolleston, Burnham, and Lincoln.

Additionally, I visit Fairlie, Tekapo, Twizel, Akaroa, and Little River once a month to carry out Ear Health Services.

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If you have any questions about ear wax removal or you are worrying about your ear health, please get in touch today to book an appointment. I am here to help and support you.

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Important: ears and health

The importance of healthy and clean ears

Clean ears are important for overall health. If your ears are not well looked after, the risk of health issues can increase.

Ear wax is produced at the outer ear canal by modified sweat glands. It includes old skin cells, dust and debris.
Ear wax plays in important role in the natural defence system of your ears. It includes anti bacterial agents that help to prevent your ear from infections. It has a sticky and moist texture to help to trap dust and foreign bodies. Normally, the ear is self cleaning and the wax works its way out of the ear canal naturally.

However, in some cases the ear does not clean itself or, too much ear wax is being produced. This can lead to blocked ear canals, hearing problems, itchyness, ringing in the ears, ocassionally pain which can affect the overall quality of life. When trying to remove wax by yourself, with cotton buds or other items, wax can be pushed towards the ear drum and gets stuck.

Other problems, that can have a negative impact on the ear are infections. Outer ear canal infections, for example, can occure when fluid gets trapped in the ear canal building an invironment for bacteria or fungal to grow. Chemicals that enter the ear canal can also lead to otitis externa as well as, eczema, dermatitis or injuries.  Middle ear infections also called otitis media, can occure when fluid in the middle ear accumulates with no chance to drain. This also builds a great envirnonment for bacteria to grow. Both type of infections can lead to infections in the surrounding bones of the ear and therewith to infections in the brain.

In conclusion, to avoid health issues, related to your ear, it is important to have your ears professionally checked on a regular basel. The mobile ear nurse, Sabine Hellenbrand, offers you a comfortable way to have your ears well looked after. With modern technology and an experienced nurse we can reassure you to keep your ears healthy and clean.

Experience our services and feel the advantages of clean and well cared ears. You will be able to feel an immediate improvement in your hearing and a much lower risk of potential health issues. The problem of not being able to understand what your partner has told you can be reduced significantly.


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Feedback from our patients

Very satisfied

I was very satisfied with the procedure. Every singel step was explained to me very well and I understood everything. It was intersting to see the inside of my ear with help of a camera.

Eva G

Friendly service

Convenient and friendly service. The procedure was stress free and painless. Loved that Sabine was able to show me my eardrum by camera.


I'm over the moon

A huge thank you from me . I'm over the moon. I can hear. The tinnitus has gone as has the dull pain in my lower jaw. You have made me feel on top of the world again. Loved meeting you and so enjoyed the time we spent together.


Highly recommend

Sabine made my family and me feel very welcome at her clinic. She listens carefully and is very gentle in her approach. She even made our 4 year old sitting there calmly. I really liked her catching up the next day asking how we are. I highly recommend Sabine.

Nikki S.